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Hello, and thank you so much for visiting Crazy About the Details! My name is Amanda, and there’s nothing I love more than taking an idea, making a list (or two or three), and using every detail, no matter how small, to build it into something great.

I have always had a passion for event planning. Along with majoring in Event Management in college, I have worked with several different event planning companies, helping to bring a variety of different events to life.

I also had the pleasure of working in catering for years. I witnessed hundreds of events in their final stage, and this alone gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and add many more ideas to my creative arsenal.

Whether it’s a small birthday party, a grand wedding, or a family gathering, a well-run event is only as successful as its smallest detail. My goal is to share my knowledge here by providing tips, ideas, insights, and more to help make the vision of your event a reality.

As a busy mom, and personal event planner to my three boys, my knowledge and creativity is ever growing. So, check back regularly for new content!

Thank you, and happy planning!