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13 Fun Food Ideas for an Elmo Themed Birthday Party

When my son turned two he was absolutely OBSESSED with Elmo. I can still hear the catchy Elmo’s World tune playing in my head: la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, Elmo’s World!

So, it was an easy choice to pick Elmo as his second birthday party theme.

The best part about Elmo is that he has a lot of friends! And, a great way to incorporate them is through a fun variety of food.

There are so many creative possibilities! Here are 13 ways to bring a little more food fun into an Elmo themed birthday party!

1. Elmo’s Goldfish

If you have watched any Elmo, then you know that Elmo has a goldfish. Her name is Dorothy.

What better way to represent her than serving a Goldfish cracker snack!?

Goldfish crackers are a popular snack of choice for kids. So, they are an excellent option for kids birthday parties, especially if other kids will be attending.

Extra Touch: Serve it in a glass bowl that mimics a fishbowl. I included a scoop and snack-size bowls for guests to help themselves.

Alternative Option for Serving: Serve the crackers in individual bags so it is a quick grab for kids and guests!

Elmo's Goldfish

2. Ernie’s Bubbles

One of Elmo’s pals from Sesame Street is Ernie! And Ernie loves his “tubby time” with his trusty pal Rubber Duckie.

So, of course, to represent Ernie we have to include Ernie’s Bubbles. This can be done in many different ways, depending on you and your guests’ food preferences.

I chose to use Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbles Candy. No, there’s no actual champagne or alcohol in these candies.

They are described to mimic the flavor of white grapes, and they are absolutely delicious! They are a perfect match for this snack, because they look like little bubbles!

Extra Touch: Add a rubber ducky toy on top!

Other “Bubble” Options:

  • Marshmallows (mini or normal)
  • White Candies (i.e., jelly beans or m&ms)
  • White Chocolate Covered Foods (i.e., mini cookies, candies, or raisins)

Alternative Non-Food Option for Ernie’s Bubbles: Include bubbles in the kids goodie bags or as an activity to do during the party!

Ernie's Bubbles

3. Oscar & Slimey’s Trash

Oscar is a well-known friend of Elmo’s from Sesame Street. Did you know that he has a pet worm named Slimey?

To include Oscar and Slimey in the party, serve up some of Oscar’s “trash.” Don’t forget to add some candy worms on top so Slimey isn’t left out!

I chose to serve popcorn, because it is a family favorite snack! But, any kind of snack would work.

I included a scoop and bags for guests to help themselves.

Extra Touch: Serve it in a bowl or container that mimics a trash can!

Alternative Option for Serving: Serve the popcorn (or snack of choice) in individual plastic bags with a candy worm. Throw the bags in a trash can looking serving container!

Oscar and Slimey's Trash

4. Telly’s Tasty Vegetable Tray

Telly is another silly muppet friend from Sesame Street!

Sometimes when you want to serve something at a party, but want to stay in theme, all you need is a little bit of alliteration!

Telly’s Tasty Vegetable Tray is a great way to serve a healthy snack like vegetables for your guests and still stay in theme.

Telly's Tasty Vegetable Tray Elmo Themed Party Snack

5. Big Bird’s Bird Seed

We can’t forget Big Bird! And since Big Bird is a bird, serve some bird seed!

Not actual bird seed of course, but a candy that mimics bird seed. I used Skittles.

Other “Bird Seed” Options:

  • M&Ms
  • Jelly Beans
  • Mike & Ikes
  • Reese’s Pieces
Big Bird's Bird Seed

6. Abby Cadabby’s Wands

Abby Cadabby is one of Elmos’ best friends. She is a fairy in training and always has her wand on hand.

To include Abby in Elmo’s party, serve Abby Cadabby’s wands! I used chocolate covered pretzel sticks with sprinkles.

Other “Wand” Options:

  • Fruit Skewers
  • Lollipops
  • Anything on a stick (i.e., Rice Krispies Treats, Cookies, or Marshmallows)
Abby Cadabby's Wands

7. Cookie Monster’s Cookies

Cookie Monster is a beloved character from Sesame Street and friend to Elmo. He LOVES cookies so what better way to include him than by serving cookies!

Pick them up from a local bakery, serve store bought cookies, or make them yourself! Either way, Cookie Monster would approve!

Cookie Monster's Cookies

8. Super Grover’s Salad

Grover is another pal of Elmo who loves to dress up as Super Grover!

With a little bit of alliteration, you can serve up Super Grover’s Salad!

I chose to serve a family favorite – Betty Salad. If you’ve never heard of it, it is a delicious recipe that originated in Ohio.

Try Betty Salad – you won’t be disappointed! Or, serve any salad favorite!

9. Mr. Noodle’s Noodles

Mr. Noodle is a silly character on Elmo’s World. My son loved watching his silly antics, and he was my personal favorite part of the show!

Deciding how to use Mr. Noodle was easy – his name is a food!

I served a pasta salad family recipe, which is a big hit at parties and made with noodles! But, anything made with noodles, like spaghetti, would work.

10. Murray’s Mixed Fruit

Murray may not be a part of Sesame Street anymore (sadly), but he was still Elmo’s pal!

Use Murray to serve a healthy side or snack at your Elmo themed party!

11. Count Von Count’s Chips

Count Von Count is a longtime member of the Sesame Street friends.

Use the counting master to serve up an easy and popular party snack – chips!

One chip – two chip – AH AH AH!

12. Zoe’s Za

Don’t forget Zoe! Zoe is another one of Elmo’s best friends.

Just shorten pizza from “pizza” to “za” and voila – a great way for Zoe to serve up some pizza at your Elmo themed party!

13. Elmo Themed Drinks

Elmo is a fun and lovable monster who loves to educate kids! And a super easy way to include your beverages in the Elmo theme is by using letters!


W is for Water!

Create or purchase custom water bottle labels to bring a little more Elmo goodness to your party! You can find several options to purchase on Etsy.


P is for Pop. Or, depending on where you live, S is for Soda!


J is for Juice!

I did not serve juice at my Elmo themed party, but if you choose to, you can easily do the same thing.

Additional Touches


When doing a themed party, I like to incorporate the theme anywhere I can. It makes it so much more fun!

Since Elmo lives on Sesame Street, I decided to turn every “station” into its own street.

I changed the Sesame Street address from 123 to 2 for my son’s age and made up a fun little rhyme to go with each street.

Snack/Dessert Table: Yummy Street.

Elmo and his pals have provided their favorite treats! Please enjoy these snacks from Yummy Street!

Main Course/Food Table: Chow Street.

Elmo’s pals from Sesame Street are ready to chow some eats! Please enjoy this delicious food from Chow Street!

Beverage Table: Beverage Street.

Water is refreshing, and Pop is tasty and sweet! Please enjoy your favorite drink from Beverage Street!

These signs can be made easily at home yourself. I put these together in Paint using Clip Art and text, printed them out, and displayed them in a 4×6 sign you can find at any craft or party store.

I am definitely no graphic artist, so if I can do it, anybody can!

Elmo Themed Birthday Yummy Street Sign for Snack Table
Elmo Recycling Sign

I even threw together a quick sign with a picture of Elmo in a trash can to help people properly dispose of their recycling! Elmo loves everybody, including our earth!

Elmo Themed Plates and Napkins

Keep the Elmo theme going with Elmo themed plates and napkins for your food and snacks!

For a little extra Elmo touch, arrange your silverware in an Elmo basket.

We had a lot of Elmo things around the house, so I used it to my advantage and incorporated these things into the party. It was an easy bonus!

Easy Elmo Themed Dessert

A custom Elmo cake would be absolutely perfect and adorable. But, cupcakes work just as well!

I love to order cupcakes from my local grocery store. They’re so delicious, and I can custom order them with the colors of my theme.

I ordered a variety of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with red and orange frosting, topped them with cute Elmo toppers, and displayed them on an Elmo cupcake stand.

It was easy, fun, and relatively inexpensive!

Elmo Themed Birthday Cupcakes on Elmo Cupcake Stand

Final Thoughts

Throwing an Elmo party is oh so much fun! He is a cute little monster with lots of friends!

They’re the perfect little monsters to help you throw a fun and creative birthday party for your Elmo loving kid!

Enjoy your time inside of la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Elmo’s World!

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