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How to Customize Balloons (7 Eye-Catching Ways)

Balloons are an excellent way to bring fun and color to a party. When it comes to decorating for a party or event, balloons are a must.

Balloons come in so many different shapes, types, and colors. They can be matte, shiny, shimmery, neutral, colorful, one color, multi-colored, big, small, numbers, letters, and a whole variety of shapes – just to name a few (or more).

Even the fanciest of parties can be decorated with balloons. They are so versatile!

You can find almost everything you might be looking for, but what if you want to add an extra personal touch or customized flair?

There are some great options if you’re a crafty person, an artsy person, or if you just want to zhoosh it up a bit.

So, how exactly can you customize those balloons? Let’s explore seven different ways to bring some fun and authenticity to your event!

1. Use Adhesive Vinyl for Unique Balloon Customization

If you have a cutting machine, such as a Cricut, then using adhesive vinyl is a really fun way to customize your balloons.

You simply create any design you’d like, print it out on the vinyl, and apply it to the balloon. The great thing about vinyl is that it comes in so many fun colors and shades.

This is especially great if you are a crafter, like me, and already have vinyl on hand. Or, if you don’t, any craft store carries it – and so does the dollar store, in fact!

It can be used on latex or foil balloons.

For example, my niece had a mermaid themed birthday party. I took a basic purple balloon, some glittery gold vinyl I had on hand, and customized it!

So easy and perfect for the party!

Another way I’ve used vinyl to customize balloons was for my ten year wedding anniversary! It was a bit last minute, and I was thinking – how can I make this day a little more personal and special?

I picked up a foil balloon at the dollar store, cut out a quick design on vinyl, and voila! A customized balloon just for the special occasion!

2. Stick Some Stickers on Your Balloons

Applying adhesive vinyl to a balloon is essentially putting a sticker on it, right? So why not throw some stickers on a balloon to customize it?

You can find stickers of almost anything, sold almost anywhere! A quick and easy fix to customize an otherwise plain balloon.

Letters, words, pictures – anything will work! Or, get some chalkboard stickers and write a personal message on the balloon! So many possibilities!

3. Use Cutouts to Enhance Your Balloons

If you don’t have any vinyl, how about some good old fashioned paper? You can buy paper cutouts of letters, words, pictures or pretty designs.

Or, if you want to take it a step further, cut them out yourself! When it comes to cardstock the sky is the limit – there are SO many beautiful colors, designs, and patterns available.

You can also make cutouts out of different materials, such as light fabrics, felt, or foam paper.

Just make sure not to use too heavy of a material or too much of it if you want your balloon to stay floating.

And then all you need is a little glue (any type will work).

4. Paint on Your Balloons

Are you the artsy type and want to bring a little of your own personal artistic flair to your party? Paint those balloons!

Any type of balloon can be painted. But, if you are not able to paint them at the last minute, then you might want to consider using foil balloons.

Latex balloons, filled with helium or air, will start to deflate within hours. So, even painting them the day before wouldn’t be a viable option.

Foil balloons, on the other hand, last for days – helium or air. They would be the perfect party canvas for your artistic side to be displayed!

Or, maybe you’re not that artistically gifted (like me), it is still a fun way to customize your balloons. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Additionally, did you know that spray painting your balloons is a great way to paint your balloons? Check out Can You Spray Paint Balloons? to learn all about it!

Here is an example of an ordinary foil balloon customized to bring some flair to a ladybug party using spray paint!

5. Draw On Your Balloons

Forgot to get Happy Birthday balloons? Draw it on!

Have a special message and don’t want to order custom balloons? Draw it on!

Get out that Sharpie and customize those balloons! Latex or foil.

Want to have a little extra fun with it? Add some googly eyes!

6. Customize Your Balloons’ Ribbon

There’s no easier way to bring some customized fun to your balloons than by simply skipping the drab white curling ribbon! There are so many different options for doing this.

Curling Ribbon

You can find curling ribbon in nearly every color, in metallic and iridescent shades, and some that have been printed with words or patterns.

Make it fun by matching the string to the balloons or incorporate all of your theme colors this way!

Satin Ribbon

Or, go another way with satin or fabric ribbon. These types of ribbon are a great substitute for curling ribbon and it comes in even more colors and patterns!

Also, give your balloons a little extra class and add a bow!


Just like ribbon, there are a ton of options in the world of string. You can easily find one to complement your balloon and/or party theme.

Assortment of String
Fun Balloon Strings

Garland and Tassels

Craft and party stores sell balloon garlands and tassels to add to your balloons. This is a fun way to bring a little pizzazz to your balloons without a ton of extra work!

7. Add Pictures to Your Balloons

Adding pictures to your balloons is a really easy way to customize a balloon and add a personal touch to a party!

Here are a few fun ideas:

  • For a first birthday party – Use Newborn through One Year pictures on balloons to show how much the little boy or girl has grown up!
  • For an engagement party – Show off the couple’s time together by displaying their favorite pictures together on balloons.
  • For a milestone birthday – Display pictures on the balloons of every decade that person has been alive!

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks I found while customizing balloons:

  • Any type of balloon can be customized. Foil balloons are the easiest to work with because they typically have more flat surface area to use, and they won’t deflate quickly.
  • Foil balloons are pre-cut and pre-stretched. Try customizing your foil balloon before blowing it up!
  • Essentially any type of glue will adhere to a balloon. I found a glue stick to be light and sticky enough. I also found that spray adhesive was sometimes too heavy for floating balloons.
  • Be careful how much you put on the balloon. If you want it to float with helium, you don’t want to weigh it down. Even too much curling ribbon will weigh a balloon down.

Final Thoughts

Balloons bring a festiveness to a party! They could only be made better and more unique with a bit of customization!

No matter what you choose to do, just have fun with it and enjoy the process!

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