Water Balloons Made Using Balloons

How to Make Water Balloons Without Balloons (6 Creative Ways)

One hot summer day, my kids were begging for a water balloon fight, but the problem was – we didn’t have any balloons! So it got me thinking about how to make water balloons without balloons.

It turns out, there a few different options for this predicament! Depending on what you have on hand, you can have that water balloon fight without the actual balloons.

If you get creative enough, many different items can be turned into a water “balloon.” All you need is something you already have in the house that can make a splash.

Basically, in order to successfully mimic a water balloon, you need to use something that:

  1. Is a thin material that will hold water and fasten shut. And,
  1. Will open and make a splash, without having to use too much force.

The splash is important, so you need something that will break, and not hurt.

From plastic bags to table covers, read on to learn how to make water balloons without balloons.

1. Plastic Food Storage Baggies

Plastic storage baggies are by far the easiest option. They are something most people have on hand, and they take the least amount of time.

You can use whatever size you have, but the snack or sandwich size bags are the best. They will act most like a balloon and pop the easiest.

I personally liked the square sandwich bags, because they were similar in size to balloons.

You can also use different types; you do not need to use the bags that seal or zip. The fold over bags are not as convenient, but they will work, as well.

For the fold over bags, you will need to twist the bag and tie the top in a knot. Or, you can use something else to fasten it, such as twist ties, rubber bands, string, or ribbon.

Here’s how to turn your plastic food storage baggies into water balloons:

  1. Fill the bag all the way to the top with water. The fuller it is, the easier it will pop when thrown.
  2. Zip or seal the bag.
  3. Throw!

Fun Fact: Sometimes the bag will pop from the bottom, and sometimes it will pop from the sealed top. If it pops from the top, you can use it again!

2. Party Loot Bags

As someone who loves to plan parties, I always have party supplies on hand. In fact, I have a couple big bins full of them.

So, if you’re like me, you may have party loot bags handy! They are an excellent option for making water “balloons.”

Here’s how to turn your party loot bags into water balloons:

  1. Fill the bag with the desired amount of water. I filled my 12 inch bag about a quarter of the way to mimic a balloon, but you can make them as big or as small as you want!
  2. Twist the bag and fasten with a twist tie, rubber band, string, or ribbon.
  3. Optional Step: Cut off the excess plastic on top.
  4. THROW!

3. Plastic Grocery Store Bags

As you may have noticed, the best material to use for a makeshift balloon is thin plastic. So, plastic grocery store bags are no exception.

This includes the bags your groceries are bagged in and the produce bags too. And, if you have any empty food bags, like the kind your bread comes in, you can use that too!

The produce bags are the best option, because they are thinner and will pop easier. You will not have to throw them as hard.

Either way, I always have a ton of these at home, so this is a very convenient option!

Here’s how to turn your plastic bags into water balloons:

  1. Fill the bag with water. Eyeball it until it is about the amount a water balloon would hold.
  2. Twist the bag tightly and tie, or fasten with a twist tie, rubber band, string, or ribbon.
  3. Optional Step: Cut off the excess plastic on top.
  4. THROW!
Water Balloons Made With Grocery Store Bags

4. Plastic Table Covers

If you don’t have any balloons, but you have an extra plastic table cover leftover from your last party, then you’re in luck! They can be used to make water balloons.

This option does require a little more time and effort, but it is great in a pinch!

Here’s how to turn your plastic table covers into water balloons:

  1. Cut the table covers into smaller squares. I cut mine into about a 12×12 size, but you could cut it a bit smaller if you wanted.
  2. Pinch all the material together up top, leaving a small opening for the water.
  3. Fill the “balloon” up with water.
  4. Pinch all the material together and fasten. You can use whatever you have, but I found a rubber band was easiest!
  5. THROW!

5. Disposable Gloves

This is a tricky one. I’ve added it to the list, because technically it does work. But, out of all the options, it is the least viable.

When I was brainstorming what I could use to make water balloons without balloons, my first idea was latex gloves. After all, water balloons are made with latex.

However, I found that latex gloves did not make great balloons. They are easy to fill up and tie, but they were very hard to break.

It wasn’t impossible though. Therefore, if you have latex gloves on hand, it certainly is an option. Just be aware that they will not splash easily!

Another alternative to this is a disposable glove made out of thin plastic. These are the kind of gloves you might see being used for food prep.

The plastic disposable gloves are much thinner and will pop much easier. However, you cannot fill them too much or they may pop before you ever have a chance to throw them!

Here’s how to turn your disposable gloves into water balloons:

  1. Fill glove with water.
  2. Twist and tie.
  3. THROW!

6. Reusable Water Balloons

If you have the time and you simply want a water balloon fight without the mess, reusable water balloons are a great option!

A popular option is the reusable water balloon knitted with yarn.

The reason this works is because the yarn is most likely going to be a thick, polyester type of material. Therefore, it will hold onto water long enough to enjoy a fun water balloon fight.

The best part about using these is that they require WAY less cleanup, and they’re great for the environment!

You can purchase them already made, or you can use a Reusable Water Balloon Knitting Pattern to knit them yourself!

What Won’t Work

There are some fabric materials that may work for making water balloons. But, unless you have material on hand that is not very absorbent, most fabrics won’t work.

Unfortunately, things like fabric scraps, fat quarters, socks, or old t-shirts will not hold water. These are usually made with cotton or a cotton blend, and the water will run right through it.

The plastic bags work great, because they’re a softer and much thinner plastic. But, using anything made of a harder, more durable plastic, is, of course, not recommended.

Water Balloon Alternatives

So what happens if you don’t have any balloons or any of these items on hand? Well, luckily water balloons aren’t the only way to make a splash on a hot day!

  1. Fill up buckets of water and SPLASH!
  1. Have water guns? Water gun fight! SPLASH!
  1. Have a hose? Spray everybody down! Or, play tag with the hose. Getting sprayed acts as the tag! SPLASH!

Final Thoughts

Who knew there were so many ways to make a water balloon without an actual balloon!?

My personal favorite option for a water balloon alternative is the snack size food storage bag. In my opinion, it was the easiest and the most like a water balloon.

But, no matter what, with a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can have that water balloon fight! Enjoy!

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